Creating ASL Resources To Enhance Relationships

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C.A.R.T.E.R We look forward to sharing your journey.
We are still gathering up resources for our event! We are happy to share information from other organizations that will benefit our families. 

We are also gathering a list of healthcare professionals, religious and social gatherings where sign language is used. Contact me if you would like to be on our list.

Native and Expert Signers

We are looking for expert signers to help us with our silent weekend event. If you are interested please contact us at

Every child is unique and we believe all children deserve an equal opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. Our organization provides services for deaf or hard of hearing children, and their families. We focus on providing direct instruction, tools and resources to assist in the development of language, literacy and communication in the child's first language, American Sign Language. We also provide tools and strategies to unlock each child’s full potential through use of dual language learning with sign language and written and/or spoken English language.

We believe the key to unlocking each child’s full unique potential is consistent, aligned efforts within the child’s life. Educated families, knowledgeable teachers and professionals and the mutual collaboration among them. With everyone carrying out the same teaching model, the child can be successful at home, in school and in life.

We want to help families make sign language a more natural part of their lives, and provide them with the tools and resources to help their child succeed. We have created CARTER's Silent Weekend, an event that gives families the opportunity to become more comfortable signing, provides resources that will help in the continued learning of ASL, and builds lasting relationships.

We provide tools tailored toward dual language learners so the child can be successful in reading and writing in the English language through our dual language learning model. CARTER’s Silent Weekend is offered to parents, families and professionals. Our event will provide these tools for early intervention professionals, teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, medical professionals and parents.

Our events and year-round support provides deaf and hard of hearing children the language foundation they need to improve school readiness and success in communication and literacy.